Diesel Technology Forum releases statement on President Obama's announcement on fuel efficiency and GHG emissions

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, says President Obama's announcement on fuel efficiency and GHG emissions sets up next challenge for clean diesel technology.

The Diesel Technology Forum issued the following statement regarding the announcement by President Obama on the development of new fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas rules for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.
The forum represents companies that are the U.S. and international leaders in the development of clean diesel technology for all modes of transportation, including heavy-duty trucks and buses, passenger vehicles and off-road equipment.
“Today’s announcement sets up the next challenge for clean diesel technology to further improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commercial vehicles including medium- and heavy duty-trucks and buses,” says Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the forum. “Engine and vehicle makers have all met the first set of Phase I standards for higher fuel efficiency in the current 2014 products that are now certified and for sale. Driven by customers' fuel efficiency demands, OEMs made improvements which enabled them to meet requirements of Phase 1. 
“Currently, 2.86 million of the 8.8 million heavy-duty trucks in the U.S. (32.5%) meet the first-generation clean diesel standards for model year 2007 engines. Of all trucks on the road today, 1.29 million (14.7%) meet the even more stringent clean diesel standards for 2010 and later model year engines.
“This shift to new clean diesel technology is delivering significant societal benefits today. In 2012, the fleet of clean diesel trucks reduced emissions of NOx by one million tons and reduced particulate matter by 27,000 tonnes. This is the same amount of NOx reduction that would result from removing 87 million light-duty cars and trucks from the road for one year, and the same amount of particulate matter reduction as removing 225 million cars and trucks for one year. As the fleet of older Class 3 to 8 medium- and heavy-duty trucks are replaced each year with new clean diesel trucks, these emissions benefits will continue to increase, while fuel consumption decreases."
New Diesel Technology Has Reduced NOx by 99% & Particulate Matter by 98%
“Because more than 90% of all heavy-duty trucks in the U.S. are diesel powered, advancements in clean diesel technology will play a major role in helping meet future efficiency, environmental and climate goals", continues Schaeffer.
“The good news is clean diesel technology is already delivering significant environmental and climate benefits. Over the last 10 years, emissions from heavy-duty diesel trucks and buses have been reduced by 99% for nitrogen oxides (NOx) - an ozone precursor - and 98% for particulate emissions.
“New clean diesel commercial vehicles emit near zero levels of particulate matter (soot) and NOx.  It would take 60 new clean diesel trucks to produce the same level of emissions as a truck manufactured in 1988. 
"This clean diesel, clean air success story is due to the billions of dollars in investments made by engine and truck manufacturers, fuel suppliers and emissions control technology companies.”