EIMA International setting records for exhibition space and attendees

Still six months away, EIMA International 2014 is already setting records in the amount of exhibit space for the event and the number of manufacturers and visitors attending.

Six months ahead of the opening of EIMA International in Bologna, running November 12 to 16, the 2014 edition of the exposition organized by FederUnacoma has already set a new record for the exhibition area allocated and the numbers of manufacturers and official foreign delegations arriving. Currently requests for exhibition space has exceeded the 150,000 m² net assigned out of a total of 300,000 m² to point to a 10% increase in the area finally taken over. Compared to the 2012 event, which brought together 1,750 exhibiting companies, the upcoming edition will draw 350 manufacturers for their first appearance in Bologna for representation certain to confirm the exposition as an agricultural mechanization review which cannot be missed. Thanks to the arrival of some 30,000 models of machinery and equipment and a system of services planned to assist businesspeople in attendance for their meetings, EIMA International is set to meet all the needs of the vast public of professionals, 20% of them from 140 countries around the world, to bring the total of visitors to more than 200,000 expected, compared to 198,000 on record for the 2012 edition. Moreover, about 50 official foreign delegations will be taking part to further enliven the business-to-business meetings set up by the exhibiting industries. Enhancing the professional scale of the review is the rigorous format for dividing merchandise into 14 separate categories, plus four specialized salons: EIMA Green covering gardening and groundskeeping; EIMA Components on components, spare parts and accessories; EIME M.i.A. focused on multi-functional agriculture and the rural environment; EIMA Energy on technologies dedicated to bioenergy production chains. Massimo Goldoni, the President of the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery manufacturers, FederUnacoma, comments, “The agricultural mechanization market is growing at the world level due to increasing demand in the new economic giants of India, China and Brazil and the emerging countries of the Far East, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe.” He went on to describe EIMA International as the “global crossroads” for the countries manufacturing machinery and technologies for agriculture and grounds and for countries acquiring mechanization to meet various requirements according to their various climatic, economic and social conditions, “machinery and equipment,” he went on to say, “with the finest technologies for all models of development to be found in the Bologna trade fair pavilions.”