FTR reports strong September trailer orders

FTR reports September trailer orders were up 32% compared to August due in part to the current strength of the trailer market and booking of orders into 2015.


FTR is reporting exceptional strength in September net trailer orders at 32,111 units. September trailer order activity is up 32% from August and a hefty 80% year-over-year. Trailer orders for September 2014 were larger than the predicted seasonal increase due to the tremendous strength of the current trailer market and the booking of orders into 2015. According to data collected by FTR, orders were particularly strong for dry vans with other trailer segments showing good activity as well.

Don Ake, FTR Vice President of Commercial Vehicles, comments, “September orders at the larger OEMs reflect their increasing capacity constraints, which are recognized by the larger fleets. To firm up their requirements for all of 2015, those fleets have started placing large orders now. The orders are spread throughout 2015, so they should not put much additional stress on production rates.”