Exports of Italian agricultural machinery to the U.S. increased 23% in 2014

In the first eight months of 2014, exports of Italian-made agricultural equipment to the U.S. increased 23.6% and are expected to continue increasing in the coming months and years.


Riccardo Maria Monti, the President of the Italian Trade Agency ICE, spoke at EIMA International 2014 about the role of his agency in the promotion of Made in Italy and the current geography of the markets. Agricultural machinery is one of the sectors with the greatest potential for development, he affirmed. The mistake sometimes made in planning internationalization activities is to think that the best opportunities are in the newly industrialized countries. This is true only in certain cases because many of the traditional markets are still growing. One example for all is that of the United States.

The ICE President delivered his remarks at a press conference held at the Bologna Trade Fair Center. “In the United States we have entire states in which Made in Italy had yet to be made known and appreciated. Look at Texas, for example, Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia and others,” he declared. Data on the agricultural mechanization sector actually confirms these indications in that exports of Italian machinery to the United States increased over the first eight months of the year by 23.6% and the outlook is for further increases over the short and medium term.

Monti went on to say, “The ICE agency is of course working on the emerging markets in growth, as in Ghana, Iran, Myanmar, Mozambique and many others, however, what is fundamental is a model of cooperation between the agency itself and partner organizations. In the case of FederUnacoma, relations with ICE are structured as a work team which puts together agency analysts and personnel in the federation managing internationalization projects.”

FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni responded by saying, “We are very satisfied with the work done in tandem with ICE which has contributed in a decisive way to the presence of our enterprises on foreign markets and strengthened the international caliber of EIMA which today has achieved great standing in the panorama of the great events in the sector as the one with the widest participation of companies and visitors arriving from abroad."