FTR hosting free webinar on state of transportation industry

FTR will host a State of Freight webinar on July 9, covering aspects effecting the industry including regulations and the economy.


As the second quarter of 2015 closes, FTR experts Noël Perry, Jonathan Starks and Larry Gross will explore some key current questions regarding freight transportation demand during this complimentary State of Freight webinar scheduled for Thursday, July 9, at 11 a.m. EDT.

In this 30 minute webinar, moderated by Eric Starks, President of FTR, the team will answer questions on topics ranging from regulatory risks to what’s driving the recent declines in rail carload. They’ll explore impact of the economy on freight transportation, and how truck operations are holding up.

Jonathan Starks comments, “After the extremely volatile events that occurred last year, 2015 is shaping up into a much more 'normal' environment. However, there are still numerous issues that need to be dealt with for those in the transportation markets. Some need to be dealt with now, like the soft manufacturing environment. Others, like the coming regulatory risks, will be focused on looking at the future.”

The formal remarks will be followed by Q&A, so participants are requested to come with questions they have about the state of the industry.

This webinar is free; however, registration is required prior to webinar date and can be completed online.