EIMA 2016 Catering to International Audience

EIMA 2016 will have exhibitors from more than 40 countries and anticipates attendees from 140 countries to learn about the latest technologies in the global agricultural market.


The review of machinery and equipment for agriculture and grounds keeping, EIMA, set for next November 9-13 in Bologna, is confirming its international calibration. Among some 1,900 exhibiting industries appearing more than 40 of them are arriving from abroad along with business people from 140 countries. Moreover, the event is drawing 80 official delegations from 70 countries.

The International Office of FederUnacoma – the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation, in the National Manufacturers Confederation, organizing the event – is collaborating with the ICE Foreign Trade Agency on special programs for foreign delegations of groups of business people from around Europe, the Americas, the African continent, the Asian countries, as well as Australia.

The plans for these foreign delegations call for a heavy schedule of meetings with exhibiting industries organized according to the special interests of business people in various types of products. The 2014 edition of EIMA International featured some 3,000 meetings set up for foreign delegations and those scheduled for the upcoming edition will be held in a specific area and include services provided by interpreters and commercial consultants.

The larger number of delegations arriving for this year’s edition is 80 organized by ICE and 10 more outside the ICE program compared to a total of the 60 official ICE delegations in 2014, so a further substantial increase in B2B meetings is expected to be planned for the upcoming EIMA.

In addition to these contacts planned ahead of time, there will be an enormous group of individual business people with their own agendas for meetings in the stands and the specialized salons, EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Energy and  EIMA M.i.A., to deal directly with the technologies presented for all types of agricultural operations among some 50,000 models exhibited in the 14 merchandise categories and the specialized salons, EIMA Components, EIMA Green, EIMA Energy and EIMA M.i.A. Arriving for the 2014 edition were 39,000 single business people attending among the 236,000 visitors registered.

Also many of the conferences organized for the exposition will take on an international slant, beginning with an international assembly on the issue Agricultural Mechanization: the New European Agenda organized by FederUnacoma and CEMA, representing European Agricultural Manufacturers interests, and the world Agrievolution association. The conference will be held in the morning of November 9 with political figures and representatives from European Union institutions in attendance.  

Another conference is planned for the evening of the same day for dealing with the global economic picture and the new geography of the world markets for the members of the foreign delegations. Another assembly is set for discussions on Italian-African cooperation experiences in agricultural mechanization on the morning of November 11 to be followed by a specific focus on the Mozambique Africa Hand Project on cooperation in this area. In addition, a large number of meetings will be held on matters dealing with foreign markets and the development of international business relations among countries.