German machinery to power future industries

Germany Trade & Invest says Germany will be the place for cutting-edge technology manufacturing over the next three years.

Fourteen new vehicle models with electrified powertrains and cutting-edge battery technology will be manufactured in Germany over the next three years. 75% of German-made wind turbines are exported. With the world’s highest export share of machinery and equipment, Germany is a top location to serve the entire global market for future technologies. In fact, Germany is the global leader in 17 of 32 machinery and equipment industry segments. Germany Trade & Invest has the latest on the country's largest, most innovative industry in its new Industry Overview - Machinery & Equipment.

"German machinery enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. The 'Made in Germany' seal stands for quality and innovation. Large German companies are household names across the globe, but the key growth driver is the network of small and medium companies that are globally active," says Marko Kolbe, machinery and equipment expert at Germany Trade & Invest in Berlin.

With an overall turnover of EUR 173 billion in 2010, Germany's machinery and equipment industry remains the strongest in Europe. Industry growth in 2010 was 7.5%, more than double most forecasts. For 2011, revenue growth is expected to surpass 14%. The industry enjoys an export share of 19.1%, ahead of the USA and Japan, and registers one third of all European patents in this segment.

"Now is an excellent time to invest in Germany. With a booming domestic market, access to growth markets worldwide, and outstanding R&D, Germany is set to remain a top production location for the future," continues Kolbe.