Asteelflash Partnering With Varitron Technologies Group

Asteelflash announces Varitron Technologies Group will be its exclusive partner in Canada.

Asteelflash, one of the top 15 worldwide international EMS companies (Electronics Manufacturing Services), announces that it is entering a strategic partnership with the Varitron Technologies Group, a leading manufacturer of electronic products, based in Canada.

Already active on four continents, Asteelflash is boosting its development.

As President and CEO of Asteelflash, Gilles Benhamou, explains: "This new partnership will create value for our customers who will be able to rely on a high-quality local electronics manufacturer in Canada, Varitron, while benefiting from the expertise and footprint of an international EMS company like Asteelflash with its global supply chain capabilities and production network which spans four continents."

Thanks to this partnership, Varitron will enjoy access to all of Asteelflash's facilities all over the world (in Europe, North Africa, North America and Asia), in order to provide better support for its customers that want to include sites outside Canada in their manufacturing strategy and benefit from the advantages a global manufacturing network brings.

"We are pleased to work hand in hand with a prestigious partner like Asteelflash," states Michel Farley, President of the Varitron Technologies Group.