Navistar Defense debuts MXT Recovery Variant at DVD Vehicle Show

Fifth Variant Rounds Out Product Line; Company Demonstrates MXT Armored Personnel Carrier and MXT-Cargo

Mxt Recovery 2
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Navistar Defense, LLC debuts its fifth variant of the International MXT vehicle line, the MXT Recovery Vehicle (MXT-RV), during the U.K. Ministry of Defence DVD vehicle show.

The U.K. Forces currently deploy more than 300 Husky Tactical Support Vehicles (TSVs), a variant of the MXT vehicle family, to Afghanistan.

“We are proud to work with the Ministry of Defence to field vehicles that help save the lives of British service men and women as well as allied forces,” says Bob Walsh, vice president and general manager, Navistar Defense. “The MXT family of vehicles offers solutions for all needs—whether heavy weapon, command, utility, cargo or recovery, on a proven platform.”

In addition to the MXT-RV, Navistar Defense is hosting off-road demonstrations of its MXT-APC and MXT-Cargo at the Millbrook Proving Grounds. As well, one of three MXT’s used during filming of the recently released Fast and Furious 6 movie will be on display.

 “All of our MXT vehicles share commonality, which allows us to respond rapidly to changing mission needs with vehicle enhancements and fleet support,” Walsh says. “We look forward to continuing to work the Ministry of Defence as they consider our Husky for their core program.”