Volvo reports truck deliveries for May 2014

The Volvo Group reports its truck deliveries for May increased 4% compared to the previous year.

Volvo Iron Mark New Rgb

Deliveries from the Volvo Group’s truck operations in May 2014 amounted to 17,410 vehicles. This was an increase of 4% compared with the year-earlier month. May experienced an unfavorable product and market mix. Deliveries of heavy-duty trucks were on the same level as last year while deliveries of light-duty trucks sourced from external suppliers were up by 36%. On a regional basis May deliveries declined by 19% in South America and by 4% in Europe while deliveries rose by 26% in Asia and by 13% in North America.

Total deliveries by market for all brands


In May 9,981 Volvo trucks were delivered, an increase of 3% compared with the same month last year.

In Europe 3,474 vehicles were delivered during May, down by 2% compared with May 2013. Deliveries in Eastern Europe were down by 22% mainly due to lower demand in Russia. To adapt to the lower demand, the plant in Kaluga, Russia will implement a number of non-production weeks in the coming months.

Demand in North America continued to be good and deliveries increased by 12% to 2,706 vehicles in comparison with the same period last year. Production will moderately increase at the end of the second quarter to meet increased demand.

Deliveries in South America decreased to 1,904 trucks in May, a decrease of 13% compared with May 2013. The decrease is a consequence of lower demand as well as inventory reduction in the dealer channel. Production in Brazil has been reduced during the second quarter and several non-production days are scheduled for June and July.


Deliveries for Mack in May totaled 2,203 vehicles, a 3% increase compared with May 2013. Production will be moderately increased at the end of the second quarter to meet increased demand.

Renault Trucks

In May 3,430 trucks were delivered by Renault Trucks. The deliveries of heavy-duty trucks declined by 12% to 1,652 trucks in May compared with the year-earlier month while deliveries of light-duty trucks increased to 1,395 trucks, up by 35%. 

UD Trucks

In May 2014, UD Trucks delivered 1,796 trucks, which was an increase by 20% compared to May last year.


Eicher delivered 2,430 trucks in May which is the same amount of trucks delivered in May 2013.