Enrange Mini-PGT Pistol-Grip Transmitter

The Magnetek Mini-PGT pistol-grip transmitter is compactly designed while offering the same capabilities of a full size wireless controller.

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Magnetek Inc. introduces the Mini-PGT pistol-grip transmitter as part of its Enrange line of lightweight, “miniature” transmitters.

  • Retains many of the capabilities found in full size wireless controls
  • Incorporates latest electronic technology in a compact design
  • Size, weight and style similar to most handheld transmitters
  • Features control found on Magnetek’s larger bellybox transmitters
  • Strong, ergonomically designed handle provides a natural feeling hand grip
  • LCD screen displays easy-to-read, detailed feedback
  • Well suited for controlling multiple proportional hydraulic valves on applications such as telescoping cranes, service cranes and stationary concrete pumps




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