OTTO G3-C Universal Grip

The G3-C can handle many types of high-performance industrial vehicle and machinery applications.

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OTTO introduces new features for its G3-C Universal Grip which include operator presence, trigger switches, side keypads, faceplate keypads and z-axis rotation. 

  • Increases level of functionality for anyone who requires versatility in a grip
  • Operator presence uses sensors to detect the presence of operator's hand on the grip
  • Trigger switch selections for the back of the grip include single trigger, dual momentary trigger and dual maintained trigger
  • Keypads are available on both the faceplate, with up to eight switches, and on either side of the grip as a side keypad, with up to 10 switches on each side 
  • Backlighting is an option
  • Z-axis allows for a +/- 25 degree horizontal rotation of the grip
  • Can be customized from applications requiring basic control functions to those requiring high switch content
  • Can be panel mounted as a fixed control grip, panel mounted with z-axis or be mounted on an OTTO JH, JHL and JHM joystick with or without z-axis
  • Handles many types of high-performance industrial vehicle and machinery applications        

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