VMAC Announces Promotion of Dan Hutchinson to New Role as Sales and Marketing Manager

VMAC's Marketing Manager Dan Hutchinson has been promoted to the newly expanded position of Sales and Marketing Manager with responsibility for the sales, marketing and customer care departments.

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VMAC announces the promotion of Dan Hutchinson, VMAC's Marketing Manager to the new expanded role of Sales and Marketing Manager with oversight of the Marketing, Sales and Customer Care departments.

Hutchinson joined VMAC in 2002 and in that time he has been a part of customer service, technical support and purchasing, finally becoming a part of the Marketing department in 2004. In Marketing, he applied his Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation to lead VMAC's innovative product development plans, and was a key contributor to VMAC's Marketing strategies in his role as Product Specialist. Hutchinson has played a pivotal role in VMAC's product success to date. 

"This is going to be an amazing year," Hutchinson says enthusiastically. "We've got big plans to transform VMAC into a powerhouse!"

With a vision of pushing VMAC into a greater industry leadership role, Hutchinson plans to further energize the sales team, help the Customer Care department further diversify in serving customers, launch unique and wildly effective marketing strategies and take a highly-dynamic approach to integrating the three departments.