AGCO debuts Fendt 500 Vario

The AGCO Fendt 500 Vario tractor includes the Varioterminal which combines all functions together in a single terminal for tractor and implement control.

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Fendt, North America’s premier tractor brand and a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation, has introduced the new Fendt 500 Vario tractor, providing North American farmers with the ideal combination of high performance and compact design. Representing award-winning German engineering, the Fendt 500 Vario consolidates the proven innovations and features of Fendt’s higher-horsepower offerings into an expanded product line in North America, ranging from 110 to 150 hp (107 to 137 PTO).

“The new Fendt 500 Vario features an extensive range of capabilities to meet the needs of operators who increasingly demand more with less,” says Josh Keeney, AGCO Fendt Tactical Marketing Manager. “Time is a precious resource for farmers. The Fendt 500 is versatile enough for a wide range of applications work, from light chores to fieldwork. It’s an efficient tractor that provides unrivalled competitive advantages from a tractor of its size.”

Intelligent technology redefined

The Fendt 500 Vario comes fully-equipped with the Varioterminal. The Varioterminal is unique because all functions are united together in one terminal for both tractor and implement controls, eliminating the need for additional monitors. The terminal is fully ISOBUS-certified by Agricultural Electronics Foundation (AEF) and available in 7-inch and 10.4-inch screen sizes. Among these intelligent features include: VarioGuide automatic steering system, camera function, VarioDoc documentation system, SectionControl and Variotronic. The VarioGuide automatic steering system allows for precise driving even in conditions of poor visibility and makes it is possible to work longer periods of time in the tractor, day or night. Headland management is integrated into every Varioterminal and clearly laid out in the display. Variotronic allows operators to activate automated operating sequences with just a touch of a button while working in the headlands or making passes in the field. In addition, the VarioDoc documentation system features wireless transfer of all task data quickly and securely. The Fendt 500 is among AGCO’s top of the line high-end technology machines, powered by AGCO’s Fuse precision agriculture products and services.

"Ultimately, all this technology will give the operator the ability to use the machine for optimum performance and the ability to turn his or her attention to other management decisions, away from the setting and adjustments of the machines,” says Keeney.

Comfortably equipped

The single, undivided curved front windshield of the Fendt VisioPlus cab curves up into the roof and offers nearly triple the upward angle of sight. With nearly 65 sq. ft. of glass in total, the spacious revolutionary cab also provides an unobstructed view of the front wheels, as well as 320 degrees of horizontal visibility that encompasses the tires, crop and front- and rear-attached implements. The compact 500 Vario is also fast, agile and maneuverable in transport work. As a standard offering from the factory, the tractor has a road speed of up to 31 mph.

Fendt strives to make farmers and ranchers as comfortable as possible for long days in the field. The standard pneumatic self-leveling cab suspension reduces fatigue from a long day in the field and provides superior ride comfort. The cab is supported on four points with integrated self-leveling two conic bearings at the front and on two air spring elements at the rear. The best ride and comfort on the road as well as ideal ergonomics are ensured with the self-levelling front axle suspension, Fendt Reaction steering system, shock load stabilizing, cab suspension, seat suspension and automatic steering axle lock.

Work Redefined

Chores around the farm or ranch are made easier with the Fendt CargoProfi Loader. The CargoProfi combines intelligent built-ins such as the Memo function for saving the positions of the loader arms and attachments, plus the measuring and tilt sensor systems, this provides increased productivity, as well as ease of use and convenience to day-to-day functionality. All controls and settings of the loader are fully integrated to the Varioterminal. The ingenious lighting concept was developed to help farmers get through even the darkest days. Work lights can be individually adjusted up to 360 degrees. The work lights are “cross-eyed” to completely prevent all shadows and reflections so operators have a clear field of vision. The corner lights illuminate the entire wheel arch in the front and gives the operator an excellent view of the track at night.