Putzmeister Ergonic Mixer Control System Now Available on All Truck Mixers

At bauma 2016, Putzmeister will exhibit its new Ergonic Mixer Control system which from the show on will be available on all Intermix truck mixers.

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All truck mixers that are produced by Intermix, a subsidiary of Putzmeister based in the Bavarian municipality of Heimertingen, will be available to purchase with the new Ergonic Mixer Control (EMC) system as of bauma 2016. The Ergonic Mixer Control system is part of the Ergonic range of control systems from Putzmeister, which the company has been using in all of its concrete pumps for almost 15 years now.

Robust hardware = robust system

The EMC system employs robust and reliable components, such as the sensor, fitted on every concrete pump that controls the switching of the S transfer tube up to 32 times a minute.

The sturdy keypad is resistant to sunlight and has been fitted in an ergonomic position on the rear of the machine to protect it against regular cleaning using a high-pressure cleaner. The driver even has the option of operating the drum using an operating element integrated into the driver’s cab or a radio remote control. In addition to control using four pre-programmed diesel engine speeds, the drum is now also controlled by an EOC (Ergonic Output Control) system. EOC helps to ensure that the truck mixer operates with high fuel efficiency by automatically changing the engine speed to the optimum setting with the lowest possible diesel consumption, wear and noise. Just like Putzmeister PUMI truck mixer concrete pumps, Putzmeister truck mixers now also come with a fully automatic cleaning program. This cleans the drum using a small amount of water and can be activated at the touch of a button after draining the mixer drum. Constant Speed Drive (CSD) ensures that the mixer drum rotates at a steady speed irrespective of how fast the diesel engine is running.

The EMC truck mixer control system is available in two different configurations, with the mixer drive being operated either electronically or mechanically via a Bowden cable. Both designs meet all safety standards that are currently in force.

Facilitating planning by improving reliability

The EMC control system determines the speed at which the mixer drum is draining and transmits this information to standardized interfaces via CANbus. Truck mixers that feature an integrated fleet management system enable controllers at the mixing plant to not only follow the progress of the truck mixer via GPS but also more accurately predict when the truck mixer will be ready for reuse, which then enables them to plan new journeys.

From IMI to P

The current Putzmeister type designations beginning with “IMI” will be replaced by the “P” Series at bauma 2016. Last year (2015) already saw the revision of the 9 and 10 m³ classes, and now the other models will follow suit. Putzmeister has been meticulously furthering the development of truck mixers since it took over Intermix in 2012. The results of this development will soon be made clear for all to see at bauma 2016 with the reformulation of the type designations of the machines, an event which will – at long last – mark the incorporation of truck mixers into the Putzmeister quality management system. Putzmeister presents the models P 9.1 UL and P 9.2.