Weidemann introduces new options and optimization features to telehandler range

At Agritechnica, Weidemann introduced several new optimization features and customization options for its telehandler models including new, faster speed options and cab structures for its 1240 CXLP machine.

T5522 telehandler
T5522 telehandler
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Weidemann is enabling even greater customization in its range with a variety of optimizations, new options and new attachments, many of which were introduced at Agritechnica 2015.

New options for telehandlers T4512 and T5522

In the future, if desired, the bestselling Weidemann telehandler T4512 can travel even more quickly: to date, the 40 hp engine reaches a travel speed of up to 20 km/h. An optional travel speed of 28 km/h is being introduced together with general improvements to the machine’s drive system. This makes the machine more efficient, allowing it, for example, to be put into action more quickly. 

Weidemann brought the somewhat larger telehandler T5522 onto the market at the end of 2013. With a 2.2 t payload and a lifting height of 5.50 m, the T5522 is ideally suited for numerous applications. The compact dimensions of the machine permit clearance heights of less than 2 m. Weidemann has discovered that such dimensions are necessary for many farms and their modern buildings. This resulted in an option for a structurally raised cabin. The benefits are obvious: an operator seating position raised by approximately 200 mm improves the view over the machine’s dimensions and respective attachment. Comfort is raised when operating the T5522 for operations where it is entirely possible clearance heights may be more than 2 m.    

1240 CXLP now also with cabin

It is no longer possible to imagine the Weidemann range without the 1240 CXLP, a long-running machine. The Hoftrac with its so-called Low-Position (LP) design definitely deserves this description. The operator’s lowered seating position with the normal operator’s canopy allows for a lower overall height of 1.90 m. The machine has a ground-level machine center of gravity, making it convenient to mount or dismount, advantages customers deeply value.

The goal when adding a cabin to this machine is freedom from the weather. The spacious cabin, which meets current machine directive (2006/42/EC) according to roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) protection, offers a great deal of headroom and freedom of movement despite its compact dimensions. The total glazing gives the operator an excellent overview of the work environment.     

1140 Basic Line: the model for first-time users

For many small operations, acquiring a Hoftrac represents a sizable investment. Many part-time farming operations must also think long and hard when considering the purchase of such a farm loader. The 1140, with an operating weight of 1,630 kg and a tipping load of 664 kg with bucket, is currently the entry-level machine within Weidemann’s product range.

Weidemann has now configured the model 1140 Basic Line with a view to this market segment. By reducing different structural elements, e.g. the fenders, the rear-view mirrors, the hydraulic cooler, the work lights, it thus was possible to achieve good savings for these sorts of operations.  The result is an economical machine with which one can complete many daily jobs without a problem.

New options in the Hoftrac product range

The operator’s canopy of the 1140, 1160 and 1260, which up to now has been fully open on all sides, is now available with front and rear safety glass. This results in additional protection against weather effects and dust contamination. The 1160 and 1260 machines can likewise optionally be fitted with the new hydraulically adjustable operator’s canopy epsPlus.

To absorb oscillations and shocks from the machine and drive better at moderate travel speeds with heavy cargo, the 1280 can now also be fitted out with load vibration dampening. Previously, load vibration dampening was an option from the 13-series and upwards; Weidemann is here rounding out its line of products downwards.

The Weidemann security camera system

One of the main reasons for using a security camera system is to increase personal safety and the safety of persons who may find themselves in the machine’s working environment. Weidemann offers two different systems for the different types of Hoftrac: wheel and telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers. In the first system, the machine is equipped with a camera and a display. This allows the operator to see blind spots better, as well as certain tools. 

The second system uses a total of four ultra-wide cameras, which are fixed all-round the entire machine. This version generates a 360 degree bird’s-eye view and really captures all blind spots round about the entire machine. Using the display, the operator can select different camera images depending on which attachment he happens to be working with or where he needs an improved view within the working environment. Outfitting Weidemann machines with these camera systems is carried out through the specialised dealer; the two systems are also well suited for retrofitting. 

New attachments

The great variety in Weidemann’s product range of attachment tools will be supplemented again this year by some useful innovations. With the material pusher, the range of a machine is significantly extended; one can order bulk material such as grain, and push this up into high piles; the wear strip is made of synthetic material and can be easily replaced.

The new coarse meal, suitable for small to medium sized machine types, shifts the feed forward evenly by means of a worm gear to the feed corridor after feeding. Mineral feed can be added simultaneously during this operation via the mounted bin.

The new mulcher with collecting tray is ideally suited for service work on green areas, even those with large volumes of high grass. The impeller is used to adjust the height. The collecting container is available optionally as a 700- or 900-liter vessel. The collecting tray is controlled hydraulically by the machine when emptying. 

The ground level milling of tree stumps can be performed with the stump grinder. The lifting point permits rotations of up to 360 degrees, allowing for different operational directions. In professional use, hydraulically activated pivoting is recommended, which can be operated from the machine. The large milling wheel with a diameter of 470 mm makes efficient work possible. The stump grinder chisel is replaceable. 

Land-levelling work can be carried out in a single operation when using the new grading bucket. The levelling material is driven up in the bucket, distributed on the subsoil and then immediately removed with the rear, reinforced edge. The bucket is available for different machines in four standard sizes from 1.10 to 2 m. If one equips the dozer grading-bucket with an optional rear panel enhancement, one raises the volume and makes the bucket suitable for snow removal.

A pallet fork is one of the indispensable attachments on every farm. Weidemann now provides a pallet fork with hydraulically adjustable prongs for procedures that need to process a large number of pallets with different clearances, allowing the operator to adjust the prongs comfortably from his seat when driving up.