Phillips and Temro Exhibiting Idle Free Heating System at The Work Truck Show 2016

Phillips and Temro's Idle Free Flex System provides engine and cab heating, as well as power supply to electronic devices without the need to idle the engine.

In the face of Baltic weather and pending new rules and regulations for work trucks, Phillips and Temro Industries (PTI) will demonstrate options for addressing both during NTEA’s Work Truck Show and Green Truck Summit March 1–4 in Indianapolis.

As the association for the work truck industry, NTEA’s mandate for the show is to assemble exhibitors and thought leaders that can teach fleets how to maximize return on equipment dollars, enhance fleet productivity, and control fuel and operating costs. PTI, a global OEM and provider of custom engineered thermal systems and solutions for the trucking industry, does all those things with its Idle Free Flex System for work trucks.

The Idle Free Flex System is an engine heat, cab heat and power system, designed specifically for work trucks.

“The Idle Free Flex System can be installed on any diesel truck and will provide heat and battery power for engine off periods. These systems are engineered to meet specific trucks and requirements,” says Robert Jordan, Development Engineer, Phillips and Temro Industries.

In 2014, PA Turnpike deployed the Flex System on 44 of its new snowplows. In Pennsylvania, as with most snowplow operations, trucks are deployed and then idle for hours prior to a storm hitting in order to be prepared to service roads as soon as snow starts to fall. While waiting to be released to start plowing, a driver is required to be on location, in the truck and therefore needs heat for comfort, the lights on for safety, as well as operating communication equipment to stay in contact with headquarters. The Flex System enables the fleet to handle all those needs without the cost and environmental impact of idling the truck.

“When bad weather is in the forecast, our snowplows are deployed and stand idling, waiting for the first snowflake to fall,” says Pennsylvania Turnpike Director of Maintenance Todd Garrison. “Installing the Idle Free Flex System will help keep our employees comfortable while eliminating needless idling and reducing emissions. With the fuel savings we see, it will also help stretch our winter maintenance budget.”

From Booth # 5955, PTI representatives Don Dettlinger and Robert Jordan will be on hand to speak with fleets, drivers and attending journalists about the Idle Free Flex System.