Columbia ParCar Corp.

Reedsburg, WI 53959

Company Details
1115 Commercial Avenue
Reedsburg, WI 53959
Toll Free:(800) 222-4653

Based in Reedsburg, WI, Columbia is a premier electric vehicle manufacturer whose history dates back to 1946. Columbia has one of the most expansive electric vehicle product line-ups in the world. Vehicles for private use and commercial applications include the efficiency gaining, stand & ride Chariot, the Eagle Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, and the Mega Low Speed Utility Vehicle. 

Columbia ParCar Corp. is a member of Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Nordic Group (headquartered in Baraboo, WI) is a privately-held holding company consisting of subsidiaries with 22 facilities, and 24 marketing units around the world with over 2,400 associates. Nordic Group member companies manufacture and distribute plastic, seating and transportation products worldwide for industrial, commercial and consumer markets.

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