Phas-Lok Adjusting Hubs

Zero-Max Phas-Lok has the ability to change the phase relationship of a drive component and the shaft.

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Zero-Max Phas-Lok adjusting hubs provide a fast and easy method for changing the phase relationship of components in a power transmission system.

  • Compensates for required timing changes in a system
  • Provides accurate, mechanical adjustment within a 24 degree range (±12 degrees)
  • Eliminates need to disconnect or remove drive components in order to reposition or re-synchronize 
  • Offers reliable position control that does not loosen or slip during equipment start up and shut down
  • Allows quick phase adjustment using ordinary hand tools without any system disassembly
  • Available in three sizes with bores ranging from 1/2 in. to 2-1/2 in. or in metric bore sizes with various split taper bushings
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