Mechanics 15.5C Driveshaft

The Mechanics 15.5C driveshaft from GKN Rockford is designed to provide up to 30% higher torque capacity in heavy-duty driveline applications.

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GKN Rockford presents its high-performance Mechanics 15.5C driveshaft for heavy-duty driveline applications. It is an advanced development of the existing 15C Series with numerous design innovations.

  • Use of Finite Element Method (FEM) enables optimization of universal-joint and bearing components
  • Unique materials and optimized antifriction bearing profiles enable operation in even higher torque ranges
  • Features increase of 30% in torque capacity and roughly 35% in service life (b10 life)
  • Has same yoke parameters and geometries (pilot, mating yokes, spline) as the conventional driveshafts of the 15C Series
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