PTO Drive Shaft Category 8

Ama Cardan divison's PTO Drive Shaft Category 8 is able to reach angles up to 80 degrees, and was on display at EIMA 2014.

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The PTO Drive Shaft Category 8 from Ama Cardan division is able to reach angles up to 80 degrees.

  • Wide angle joint on a tractor’s side allows angles up to 80 degrees even on high power machines
  • Offers maximum extension of 150 mm
  • Features total length of 1,000 mm and a total weight of 30 kg
  • Consists of a telescopic trilobal element that connects the pushpin fork 1 3/8 in. 
  • Able to maintain same input and output speed with any joint angle, allowing it to overcome values ​​of the transmission angles which are normally acceptable, both during work and maneuver phases
  • Optimizes transmission capacity between PTO shafts whose axes are differently located
  • Provides maximum torque from 540 Nm at 1,240 rpm 
  • Includes tubular plastic covers and two cone protective elements to guarantee safety 


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