Comer PGRF-11003 Large Track Drives

Comer Industries' PGRF-11003 large track drives offer 110,00 Nm of maximum output torque, and will be on display at Agritechnica 2015.

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Comer Industries introduces the large track drives PGRF-11003 for plows, also available for wheeled applications.

  • Compact three-stage planetary drives
  • Provides 110,000 Nm of maximum output torque, 67,500 Nm continuous
  • Can be used for various agricultural applications, including different harvesting machines (potatoes, sugar beets) and forestry machines
  • Enables manufacturers to meet the growing needs of compactness and lightness of tracked or wheeled drives
  • Offers boosted efficiency and high power density without affecting vehicle speed
  • Features 2- or 3-stage planetary reduction and wide range of ratios
  • Includes negative parking brake with hydraulic command and disconnection option
  • Available hydraulic motors with one or two speeds
  • PGRF range also includes models PGRF-7003 and PGRF-9003
  • PGRF-7003 provides 80,000 Nm of maximum output torque, 50,000 Nm continuous
  • PGRF-9003 delivers 90,000 Nm of maximum output torque, 56,250 Nm continuous
  • Smaller sizes for self-propelled mixers, sprayers, windrowers, grape harvesting machines or combine harvesters also available


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