Dana SPL 350 Lite Driveshaft

Dana's SPL 350 Lite driveshaft is up to 35 lbs. lighter and supports axle ratios lower than 2.26:1 for use with engine downspeeding configurations.

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Dana Incorporated announces the production launch of its SPL 350 Lite driveshaft optimized for high-efficiency on-highway and heavy-haul vehicles with engine downspeeding configurations. 

  • Up to 35 lbs. (15.9 kg) lighter than existing products
  • Offers improved performance, enhanced vehicle dynamics, and easier maintenance
  • Delivers durability and reliability required to support torque-management needs resulting from fast axle ratios that enable engine downspeeding
  • Supports axle ratios lower than 2.26:1, the fastest ratio on the market today for 6x4 tandem axle configurations
  • Designed with 11 fewer components to reduce weight and enable faster, easier installation
  • Provides extended component life, as well as improved performance and vehicle dynamics with reduced noise, vibration, and harshness levels
  • Shares service components with existing SPL 350 driveshaft, simplifying maintenance and inventory for truck owners and service facilities
  • Available with choice of service-free or standard re-lube designs to accommodate fleet preference
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