J6 Hydraulically Actuated Six Piston Caliper Brake

Carlisle Brake and Friction's J6 hydraulically actuated six-piston caliper disc brake is well suited for use on surface mining haulage trucks.

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Carlisle Brake&friction

Carlisle Brake and Friction's J6 brake is a hydraulically actuated, six-piston, wheel-mounted, caliper disc brake designed for a variety of surface mining haulage trucks. The J6 is typically bolted to a flange on the vehicle's axle or mounting bracket.

  • Features ductile iron castings for superior brake durability
  • Comes equipped with linings
  • Optional seal materials available for compatibility with all actuation fluids and temperatures
  • Open caliper provides easy access for visual inspection and serviceability
  • Automatic adjusters and spring activated piston retraction available on some models
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