Bendix Hosts Industry Technical Expert Wayne Tustin

Bendix recently hosted Wayne Tustin, an industry technical expert who conducted a three-day workshop for Bendix engineers.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC hosted renowned technical expert Wayne Tustin at its Elyria, OH, headquarters November 27 to 29, continuing the company’s commitment to keeping its engineers on the leading edge of active safety and braking system technology development.

Tustin, whose engineering career began in 1948 at Boeing, is an authority on factors that cause equipment downtime, specializing in the measurement, analysis and simulation of mechanical shock and vibration. While visiting Bendix, he conducted an intensive three-day workshop with 13 experienced Bendix engineers.

“Vibration study can be highly theoretical, and Wayne Tustin is able to translate its very complex concepts into applications that our engineers can put to work every day,” says Raymundo Garza, manager of organizational learning at Bendix. “By learning the most effective ways of extracting and interpreting vibration data from commercial vehicles, our engineers are even better equipped to put that data to use in designing and enhancing Bendix’s products.”

As industry regulations grow more stringent when it comes to commercial vehicle fuel efficiency and safety standards, understanding shock and vibration is increasingly crucial in the design of new, safer braking systems and components.

Following his visit to Bendix, Tustin taught another three-day shock and vibration workshop at New York Air Brake, in early December. Engineers there focused their learning on shock and vibration testing applications in the rail industry. New York Air Brake, in Watertown, NY, is one of Bendix’s sister companies in the Knorr-Bremse Group.

Tustin’s visit reflects just one aspect of Bendix’s commitment to ensuring that its engineers at all levels keep abreast of the skills and evolving information needed to develop industry-leading technologies.

In addition to providing courses for its experienced engineers, Bendix also offers an Engineering Development Program, which takes a two-pronged approach to sharpening the skills of engineers in the early stages of their careers. Established in 2011, the Engineering Development Program guides college recruits through a three-year, full-time rotational employment with Knorr-Bremse. This rotation exposes the engineers to a range of engineering challenges at several North American facilities, including Bendix’s plants in Acuña, Mexico, and Bowling Green, KY, as well as New York Air Brake.

The company’s Engineering Development Program includes a robust Technical Skills Enhancement program, a contemporary engineering curriculum that caters specifically to the current group of product engineers. Specialized certification opportunities, distance learning and in-person workshops are part of the program.

“Bendix is proud of our engineers’ innovative thinking, and of the very progressive approach we take in the technical education of our new and experienced engineers alike,” Garza says. “Equipping them with the best tools and knowledge available is one more reflection of our passion for safety and our desire to provide the commercial vehicle industry with the most advanced solutions possible.”