Twin Disc RC214 and RC314 Remote-Controlled Power Take-Offs

The Twin Disc RC214 and RC314 remote-controlled PTOs use 240-300 psi of engagement pressure and are bearing free to aid longevity.

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Twin Disc has released two remote-controlled power take-offs (PTOs), the RC214 and RC314.

  • Virtually maintenance free and well-suited for difficult-to-service applications
  • Well suited for construction, mining, snow removal, forestry, agriculture and recycling
  • Excels anywhere heavy-duty disconnect clutch is required
  • Hydraulically-actuated with self-adjusting dry clutches, utilizing 240–300 psi of engagement pressure
  • No pilot bearings, and mains are oil-lubricated for long life
  • Advanced control system can be used for soft-starting high-inertia loads
  • Suitable for side load and in-line applications
  • SAE #1 housing size
  • Optional sintered iron and composite versions are available to increase torque and horsepower capacity


  • Features two friction plates
  • Clutch maximum horsepower rating is 376/Class II, 251/Class III and 188/Class IV
  • Maximum input torque of 2,195 lbs.-ft. organic, and 2,748 lbs.-ft. sintered


  • Includes three friction plates
  • Horsepower rating is 564/Class II, 376/Class III and 282/Class IV
  • Torque ratings at 3,297 lbs.-ft. organic and 4,125 lbs.-ft. sintered

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