cPOWER Continuously Variable Transmission

ZF introduces its cPOWER continuously variable transmission which utilizes a hydrostatic-mechanical powersplit design to provide a 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

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ZF introduces its cPOWER transmission, a fully powersplit, continuously variable technology that offers significant consumption benefits and productivity increases for the vehicle owner. 

  • Provides continuously variable drive over the whole range
  • Hydrostatic-mechanical powersplitting in all driving ranges, including the frequently used range up to 10 km/h
  • Reduction of diesel motor speed independent of driving speed
  • Offers 30% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Features up to 20% higher efficiency
  • Installation-compatible with ZF ERGOPOWER
  • Hydrostatic-powersplit design ensures significant consumption benefits by keeping percentage of hydrostatic power low to achieve an optimal degree of efficiency 
  • Largest portion of output comes from mechanical part of transmission
  • Hydraulic transmission control unit and transmission integrated on-board electronic unit optimally complete driving functions
  • Works to enhance operator comfort  
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