Taylor Dynamometer Hydraulic Test Center

The Taylor Dynamometer Hydraulic Test Center enables the testing of transmissions and various hydraulic components such as motors, pumps and valves.

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Taylor Dynamometer announces the launch of its state-of-the-art Hydraulic Test Center (HTC). 

  • Supports testing of transmissions, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, valve blocks, torque converters, and open and closed loop pumps
  • Features contamination control to ISO 16/13/11 (per Cyclic Stabilization Test SAE ARP4205)
  • Remote monitoring enables user to be completely removed from the testing environment
  • Enables testing of a motor as a motor (not a pump) using the Dynamometer Mode
  • Provides continuous-duty ratings, not intermittent
  • Does not require de-rating for use in 50 Hz countries
  • Includes DynPro2, the latest in data acquisition and control system technology 
  • Capable of testing various heavy-duty, off-highway hydraulic components in construction, mining, marine and transportation applications
  • Available as a Transmission Bench or a Complete Bench 
  • Complete Bench provides users with an additional Pump and Motor Test Package which includes two case drain flow circuits, high pressure filtration with flow straightener, load sensing pump circuit, component cooling loop, continuous 6,000 psi (41,369 kPa) auxiliary pump and energy recovery to facilitate full load testing of pumps






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