John Deere Displays Emissions Compliant Engines and Aftertreatment Technologies at bauma 2016

John Deere displayed several of its Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engines, as well as its Integrated Emissions Control System and Funk DF250 transmission.

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Stage IV/Tier 4 Final engine models and power ratings John Deere Power Systems displayed at its booth during bauma 2016 included:

  • PowerTech EWX 2.9L: 36-55 kW (48-74 hp)
  • PowerTech PWL 4.5L: 63-104 kW (85-140 hp)
  • PowerTech PVS 6.8L: 104-187 kW (140-250 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 9.0L: 187-317 kW (250-425 hp)
  • PowerTech PSS 13.5L: 309-448 kW (414-600 hp)

Integrated Emissions Control system

To meet increasingly stringent off-highway diesel engine emissions regulations, John Deere has systematically adopted technologies to meet each regulatory Tier. For Stage IV/Tier 4 Final, John Deere continued with its planned approach by developing the Integrated Emissions Control system, which encompasses a variety of aftertreatment and emissions reduction component combinations. Integrated Emissions Control system technology configurations are tailored to meet regulations and customer needs in each power range.

John Deere is offering three Integrated Emissions Control system configurations for Stage IV/Tier 4 Final. On display in the booth was the configuration for the 93-448 kW (125-600 hp) power range, which includes:

  • An exhaust filter that contains a diesel oxidation catalyst/diesel particulate filter (DOC/DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) - used in conjunction with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

The two additional John Deere Integrated Emissions Control system configurations for Stage IV/Tier 4 Final include:

  • Engine models in the 36-55 kW (48-74 hp) power category will feature an Integrated Emissions Control system consisting of a DOC/DPF without cooled EGR or SCR.
  • In the 56-104 kW (75-140 hp) power category, the PowerTechTM PWL 4.5L engine is equipped with an Integrated Emissions Control system configured with a DOC and a SCR - used in conjunction with an EGR.

All John Deere Integrated Emissions Control systems are exclusively designed to meet the specific demands of off-highway applications in the given power categories. Regardless of power range and Integrated Emissions Control system configuration, John Deere engines offer responsive performance, reliable uptime and a low cost of operation.

Stage III A 4.5L power unit on display

John Deere Industrial Constant-Speed (ICS) engines offer a cost-effective alternative for many OEM applications. A power unit on display equipped with a Stage III A 4.5L engine demonstrates a simple Stage III A solution available from John Deere.

PD400 modular inverter on display

The PD400 modular inverter from John Deere Electronic Solutions provides space savings and flexibility to system designers with a solution for high-voltage/high-power hybrid electric vehicles. The PD400 all-in-one system eliminates the need for multiple interfaces, while also matching exact system requirements, simplifying work and allowing system designers to optimize machine performance in the often-extreme conditions of off-highway and heavy-duty applications.

Funk DF250 transmission on display

The Funk DF250 from John Deere Power Systems on display offers OEM customers flexible drive types and gearing along with premium shift quality and electronic controls. The DF250 offers vehicle designers:

  • A choice of torque converters or an efficient direct drive
  • Numerous available configurations, from 4-speed up to 8-speed
  • Ability to disable gear ranges permanently
  • Shift quality is optimized with temperature and load compensation
  • Engine overspeed protection
  • J1939 CAN communications
  • Auto-shift option