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Akron, OH
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Founded in 1906, DESCH is recognized globally for its world-class quality in large precision reduction gearboxes and drive systems including clutches and brakes, used in applications such as machine tools, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and press machines.  As a market-leader and drive technology partner, we offer our customers innovative and customized solutions along the entire drivetrain.

DESCH’s philosophy begins with intensive customer dialogue as the basis for further development of our products and services. In order to respond to our customers’ needs with utmost precision, DESCH is organised in three business areas – Power Transmission by means of clutch technology, Drive Technology through power conversion and the help of drive systems, and Service Center which provides customer support and machine diagnostics.  These core areas complement each other and, in cooperation with each other, generate innovations and added value for our customers.

With an extensive product portfolio, DESCH meets the demand for modern drive technology at the connection point between drive motors and machines.  The range includes belt drives, shaft drives, rigid or flexible couplings, power transmission and braking with proven shifting clutch or brake systems, and power boosting with highly developed drive technologies.  With over a century of experience, innovative strength, and a comprehensive service portfolio, DESCH can provide customers with everything - from a single source.

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