16-ton Front-End Loader System

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Dana Corp.'s Spicer Model 114 (33R092) Hercules front axle and Model 113 (29R053) rear axle, a Spicer 319 summing motor, and the compact Spicer 2035 Series driveshaft are combined as an optimized drivetrain solution for 16-ton front-end loader vehicle applications.
• Model 114 (33R092) axle is specifically designed for vehicles with operating weights of up to 15 tons (in front-axle applications) and 18 tons (in rear-axle applications)
• Spicer 319 summing motor transfer case provides maximum tractive performance and high efficiency by delivering seamless CVT (continuous variable transmission) performance from 0 to 40 kph; each motor is connected to its own gear ratio; disconnect clutch is fastened to the low-speed, high-gear-ratio motor allowing the high-speed motor to function alone as a more efficient means of powering the vehicle at higher travel speeds.

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