Series: AVS 41 (P/N VE2048) Vents

W.L. Gore & Associates has added the Series: AVS 41 (P/N VE2048) venting solution to its line of GORE Automotive Vents.

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W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded its line of GORE Automotive Vents to include the Series: AVS 41 (P/N VE2048) venting solution, which is engineered specifically for powertrain components.

  • Improves component reliability by equalizing pressure, preventing contamination from water, dust, dirt and other automotive fluids and simplifying design challenges
  • Protects components such as transmissions, transfer cases, power transfer units, axles and limited slip couplings from the most extreme operating conditions
  • Continuous airflow equalizes internal pressure, which improves reliability by reducing vacuum and premature failure of housing seals
  • Vent membrane provides resistance to contamination from dust, dirt, water spray, flooding and freezing
  • Pre-filter protects membrane from lubricant particles in the air stream
  • Protective cap serves as an extra barrier against impact
  • Combination of membrane, pre-filter and protective cap ensures long-lasting protection --  even after exposure to the challenging road conditions  
  • Helps reduce costs because the same vent can be used in multiple applications, reducing design customization, installation complexity and validation
  • Can easily be connected to an existing powertrain system via a tube without requiring any modifications to the powertrain component design
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