Bonfiglioli 300 Series FDK and FZP Gearboxes

Bonfiglioli introduces the FDK and FZP versions of its 300 Series gearboxes featuring output stage design for quick and easy assembly and disassembly from machinery.

Shrink disc in two parts
Shrink disc in two parts
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Bonfiglioli introduces the FDK and FZP versions of its 300 Series gearboxes designed to simplify operations for applications that require periodic maintenance.

  • Output stage design enables quick and easy disassembling from the machine which is beneficial for applications in the mining, sugar processing and marine sectors
  • Features robust and versatile design suited for harsh applications where shock loading and impact is prevalent
  • Use of strong bearings ensure long lifespan
  • Output hollow shaft makes the series more effective and suitable for shaft mount assembly
  • Hollow shaft solution reduces time and effort for the disassembling of the drive from the machine shaft due to the axial locking ring
  • Features easier and more accurate screw tightening
  • Shrink disk improves and speeds up set-up and commissioning
  • Hollow shaft with two keys at 120 degrees allows full rated torque and max torque transmissions
  • Axial locking ring with threaded holes completes the solution for an easier and more reliable shaft mounting
  • Keyed hollow shaft is available in smaller sizes, ranging from 300 to 310 and will be included in the designation of the series with the acronym FDK
  • FZP version will come in larger sizes from 311 to 325
  • Features splined hollow shaft which meets the DIN 5480 standard and offers the same strong bearings available in the current FP version
  • Provides double centering for an aligned assembling of the solid shaft of the machine
  • Similar to keyed hollow shaft, the splined hollow shaft also includes an axial locking key with threaded holes for easier mounting and grants full rated and max torque transmissions
  • Shrink disks prevent accidental mounting errors (even when dismounting and re-mounting the shrink disk) due to simpler design and visual-control of screw tightening torque
  • Torque range of 1,000 to 1,287,000 Nm and gear ratios of 3.4 to 5,234
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