ZF Hybrid Module

ZF's hybrid module is a complete hybrid system that uses a start/stop function to help reduce fuel consumption.

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The ZF hybrid module, on the basis of well-proven series products, is the logical evolutionary next step towards an electric drive.

  • Suitable for all ZF transmission forms
  • Can be implemented for direct and separate transmission mounting
  • Reduces fuel consumption by use of start/stop function
  • Recuperates braking energy
  • Stabilization of engine relieves burner for particulate filter 
  • Electrifies auxiliaries
  • Stabilization and shifting of engine operation point reduces exhaust emissions 
  • Enables possibility for engine downsizing
  • Helps increase work output through performance boost
  • Works as a parallel hybrid with an efficient electric machine, providing up to 85 or 120 kW performance, depending on the size
  • Complete hybrid system comprises power electronics for the electric machine and a lithium-ion battery as well as a hybrid control unit
  • Matches performance of combustion engine powered machine through optimization of energy and hybrid drive management 


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