POLYLUBE Glass Tape Bushing

Polygoncompany 10055955

A guide rod bushing with high corrosion resistance, misalignment tolerance, and wear resistance by using a more elastic and damage-tolerant structure compared to metal bearings. A moderate RPM bushing for applications with higher surface velocities or when mixed film conditions are desired. Alleviates stick-slip better than other composite bushings.Glass Tape can be used for guide rod bushings, linear motion components, or hydraulic pumps. They exhibit good cavitation resistance under high pressure fluid cycling. Similar to Fiber series, but with improved surface velocity (80 SFM) and a lower coefficient of friction. Dynamic and static loading are lower at 7,000 PSI and 60,000 PSI, respectively.Little dimensional change will occur within the operational range of ½325°F. The coefficient of expansion is approx. 7 x 10-6 in/in/°F, similar to steel and less than some metals.Full listing

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