SKF UC 300 Ball Bearings

SKF's UC 300 ball bearings feature a robust design which prevents ingress of materials to ensure performance in harsh operating environments.

Uc 310 Cut

The UC 300 ball bearing units from SKF feature superior sealing and stronger locking, and are interchangeable with all JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) housings.

  • For use in highly contaminated environments such as those found in agricultural, construction and other off-highway equipment applications
  • Equipped with field-proven sealing technology to prevent ingress of process materials such as mud, dust, wood chips or water
  • Solid base design for housing minimize areas that might otherwise trap dirt or moisture
  • Robust construction and high strength locking system protects from vibration
  • Designed to cope with operations characterized by higher peak loads and lower rotation speeds
  • Features grub screw locking system set at an angle of 62 degrees which provides better holding power
  • Available with bores ranging up to 100 mm (3.9 in.)

Skf300 Series Ball Bearing

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