POLYLUBE Composite Guide Rod Bushings

Polygoncompany 10055955

POLYLUBE Guide Rod Bushings are designed as direct replacements for traditional metallic alternatives, driven by several factors:

  • Improved stick-slip properties
  • Optimal frictional response
  • Significant reduction in shaft scoring
  • Extended bushing life
  • Reduced bushing profile and weight
  • Greatly improved side load/misalignment capacity
  • Increased load capacity and corrosion resistance
  • Tolerance of lower cost shaft finishes

Polygon's internal fabrication can easily incorporate T-lip wiper seals, radial shaft seals, O-rings or other similar internal sealing systems.A continuous fiberglass filament backing improves fatigue resistance and allows for the use of a thin wall (1/16" to 1/8"), often reducing the size/weight. Exhibits exceptional stability over wide temperature ranges (½325°F).Full listing at PolygonComposites.com

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