PolyLube Improved Fatigue Resistance Bushings

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A bushing with optimized structure for applications with repeated impact fatigue or stress / strain conditions, with a more than twofold increase in impact fatigue resistance.HistoryPolygon was approached with a traditional filament wound composite bushing application that kept resulting in failure after just 10,000 oscillatory cycles. Pressure was well under the design threshold at 10,000 PSI. Composite filament wound bushings are not isotropic materials like metals, so analysis focused on the limiting factor: optimization of interlaminar shear. Traditional composite bearings tend to show resin shear failure in the traverse direction to reinforcing fibers. A proprietary laminate backing structure of cross-tied reinforcing fibers was developed to reduce resin shear stress. The reinforcement increased bushing life by over 50% in this application. See full listing at PolygonComposites.com

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