POLYLUBE High Temperature Bushings

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POLYLUBE® High Temp BushingsA bushing designed for environments over 450°F or where thermal expansion stability is critical. For example, snowmobile clutches go from 0 to very high RPM's in micro-seconds (and vice versa). During this cycling, friction is dramatically increased, producing heat and expanding components. POLYLUBE® HT bushing is a high strength, high load, low RPM bushing that offers superb performance even after extended exposure to elevated temperatures.In addition to high compressive strength, these bushings are inherently self-lubricating, eliminating expensive high temperature lubricants in greased systems. PolyLube HT offers low thermal expansion, improved wear and durability, and less seizure opportunity than conventional metal bearings and can also replace graphite loaded bronze structures, some iron-copper graphites, polysulfone, PEEK®, and polyimide bushings.Full listing

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