PolyLube Fiber Series Bushings

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Long life cycleThe bushing surface is composed of a uniquely designed woven structure of PTFE super-filaments, which exhibit tensile strengths twenty times greater than PTFE resins. PTFE super-filaments provide true self-lubrication via film transfer, even during start-up.Handles industrial-level strainThin walls from 1/16" to 1/8" reduce weight while supporting loads of 30,000 PSI under high radial and axial stresses.A unique high strength continuous fiberglass backing resists high shock loading and impact fatigue and has a modulus of elasticity of approximately 6 x 106 PSI. Supports heavy loads, yet pliant enough to tolerate moderate shaft misalignment without over-stressing the bearing edges.Great for rotational and linear movements and in oscillation under high load. Exceptional dimensional stability and predictable performance over wide temperature ranges (½325°F).Full listing

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