PolyLube HT 2 Bushings

Polygon announces second generation of high temperature composite bushings.

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Polygon Company‚Äôs engineering team announces a second generation of PolyLube High Temperature (HT) composite bushings. The PolyLube HT 2 has applications not just for elevated temperature environments but also for where the bushing may need to resist thermal expansion during operation. 

  • Glass transition temperature in excess of 500 F for an improvement of over 100 F
  • Survives clutch speeds going from 0 to very high rpms in micro-seconds and vice versa
  • Offers long term wear, durability, and less seizure opportunity 
  • Pre-assembles into housings that can then be welded or further fabricated, improving repair characteristics in the field
  • Sustained operating temperature is 500 F, with possible limited amounts up to 700-800 F depending on application 
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