ADAPT Bearings For Caster Applications

Timken introduces its ADAPT bearings for metal industry caster applications, designed to reduce maintenance downtime.

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The Timken Company has introduced a line of easy-to-install, high-capacity bearings for the metal industry's most demanding continuous caster applications. Timken's ADAPT bearings feature a unique design that provides optimal ease of installation, reliability and performance.

  • Reduces downtime associated with maintenance intervals
  • For use in float position in strand roll support segments
  • Offers extended bearing life and improves performance
  • Provides durability and flexibility to keep casters operating at optimal levels
  • Consists of cylindrical inner ring, outer ring with outer race profile and roller/retainer assembly that features specially profiled rollers with snap-in retainer
  • Inner ring has cylindrical raceway, allowing shaft to move (float) left or right relative to outer ring
  • Outer ring and rollers compensate for misalignment related to shaft bending up to 0.5 degrees, creates self-aligning effect to minimize skewing while maintaining constant bearing clearance
  • Optimizes contact stress distribution for extended bearing life via outer ring and rollers
  • One-piece nitride steel retainer snaps into place to hold rollers in position during mounting and dismounting
  • Inner and outer rings each can be fitted separately for easier handling and improved installation flexibility
  • Design simplifies inspection and removal while also allowing operators to independently change parts as needed during maintenance, saving time and costs  
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