Metcar High Temperature Bearings

Metallized Carbon Corp. announces the release of its Metcar high temperature bearings designed for dry running in high temperature applications.

Metcar Bearinggroup 10781575

Metallized Carbon Corporation announces the availability of bearings specially designed for dry running in high temperature applications.

  • For use at temperatures ranging from 350 to 1,000 F in oxidizing atmospheres, and from 350 to 6,000 F in non-oxidizing atmospheres
  • Carbon-graphite design
  • Graphite's self-lubricating properties eliminates shortcomings associated with petroleum-based lubricants at elevated temperatures
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Not subject to melting, softening or deformation
  • Can be custom-designed for specific application dimensions and tolerances
  • Standard pillow blocks and flange blocks with bearing inserts are available with cast iron, stamped steel or stamped stainless steel housings
  • Available shrink-fitted into metal housings or metal retaining rings
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