Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Unit

The SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Unit provides high precision analog signals to determine rotor angular position.

SKF has developed a solution for the E-powertrain market that enables drive and control of electric motors in an accurate and robust manner. The SKF Rotor Positioning Sensor-Bearing Unit helps to achieve an efficient and robust electric motor drive.

  • Provides high precision analog signals to determine rotor angular position, together with low friction and high speed bearing functionality
  • Well suited for electric motor drive and control, and sinusoidal or vector type of control, such as for a permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Features a combination of rotor angular position sensor with low friction and high speed bearing
  • Customizable to electric motor size and number of pole pairs tolerances
  • Provides analog, sine and cosine outputs for rotor angular position
  • Single ended or differential outputs
  • Typical angle accuracy < ± 0.5 degrees (30 ft.)
  • Offers angle repeatability < 0,1 degrees
  • Operating temperature range of –40 C to 150 C
  • Very robust against high electromagnetic and electric motor magnetic field
  • Angular position information available from zero speed
  • Provides high speed ability (shaft size dependant)
  • Includes high sensor bandwidth
  • Features improved electric motor efficiency, optimized system noise and improved energy recovery in braking phases
  • Ensures good electric motor torque stability
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