Rotor Positioning Bearing

The SKF Rotor Positioning Bearing is well suited for stop-start systems, helping to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

The SKF Rotor Positioning Bearing is an integrated unit that combines a high performance magnetic impulse ring clamped to a high speed, high temperature bearing.

  • Generates strong magnetic impulses that are related to the rotor angular position
  • Robust under severe running conditions due to high magnetic field strength
  • Helps reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption for stop-start systems 
  • Well suited for electric motor drive and control and stop-start systems
  • Customizable to electric motor size and number of pole pairs
  • Features accurate magnetic field with standard deviation < 8 Gauss
  • Provides period accuracy < 0.5 degrees
  • Magnetic ring has high positioning accuracy  
  • Includes innovative rubber material
  • Operating temperature range of –40 C to 170 C
  • Features high speed ability (shaft size dependent)
  • Offers acceleration of 0 to 14,000 r/min in 1 second
  • Vibration level up to 40 g
  • Benefits include improved electric machine efficiency, optimized system noise and reliable performance over complete operating range
  • Features extreme environmental resistance



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