Side Entry Bushings

TE Connectivity's side entry bushings has been approved for us in military applications.

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TE Connectivity (TE) announces its side entry bushing (SEB) for military, commercial aerospace and commercial marine environments, has been issued a National Stocking Number (NSN) from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). When added to a product label, the NSN indicates a review and approval for use within the military's logistics supply chain. 

  • For use in high-temperature applications where tape or fixed grommets are used
  • One strip of the pre-coiled, reusable SEB can replace up to 6 ft. and 40 wraps of silicone tape traditionally used in strain relief of wire and cables
  • Features flexible, compressible design
  • Thermally formed and cross-linked to naturally conform and gather circular bundles to provide strain relief on saddle clamp style backshell adapters
  • Does not contain an adhesive layer, which makes it easily removable without the messy residue adhesives leave behind
  • Can be re-used often after repairs have been made
  • Available in six standard sizes
  • Can be trimmed to fit to any size clamp/wire combinations
  • Thermally formed from a silicon elastomer with a temperature rating to 180 C continuous use and flame-retardant
  • Maintains low-temperature flexibility and resists hydraulic fluids, fuel and lubricating oils
  • Conforms to MIL Standard AMS-DTL-23053/10, MIL-PRF-46846 Type II Class 1 and TE specification RT-1140 for silicone elastomeric materials
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