C&U Slewing Ring Bearings

At CONEXPO 2017, C&U will exhibit its Slewing Ring Bearings precision built to manage a variety of load types including radial, axial, moment or a combination of each.

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C&U Americas LLC, the North American subsidiary of the C&U Group, offers world-class quality Slewing Ring Bearings for use in a variety of demanding industries such as heavy equipment, oil and gas, and renewable energy.

  • Can be specifically designed to handle large, heavy, slow-oscillating loads like those in cranes, booms and lifts, yet can also be utilized in high-accuracy applications such as CT scanners and industrial positioners
  • Precision built to manage variety of load types including radial, axial, moment or combination of each
  • Unique construction and compact footprint helps facilitate ease of mounting and maintenance
  • Seals are standard for retaining grease and keeping contaminants out
  • Re-lubricating holes are incorporated into design, evenly distributed around bearing, to allow for grease replenishment which helps reduce friction and wear, and extend bearing life



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