Clamp-Nut Three-Piece Fastener

HYTORC's three-piece fastener, the Clamp-Nut, is a completely self-contained force system.

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The HYTORC Clamp-Nut is a connection device for sensitive, high-load applications. It's part of the company's integrated system for applications that range from mission-critical aerospace environments to key industrial processes.

  • Three-piece fastener that includes an inner sleeve, outer sleeve and a washer
  • Hardened surface in inner sleeve and washer prevents galling
  • Three-piece design allows safe increase of mechanical tensioning in high loads
  • Features load range that extends to 1.5 million lbs.
  • Unit sizes extend from 1 1/2 in. to 7 in.
  • Custom-designs are available in all sizes
  • Functions as mechanical tensioner while eliminating bolt over-stretching and highly stressed tensile pullers
  • Provides pure tensile load and ideally tensioned fastener
  • Moving outer sleeve in clockwise motion causes inner sleeve to push upward, providing accurate, gentle cold stretch without residual load loss
  • Creates self-contained force system that eliminates damage because no torque is transmitted to bolt
  • All components are in a managed force flow, eliminating preload losses 
  • Hands-free system because reaction arm is not needed
  • User places tool on fastener, stands back from application and operates pump from a safe distance
  • Offers 100% elimination of galling on flange and stud surfaces
  • Available in all thread forms, with low, standard, medium and high temperature ratings possible
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