Oetiker to Focus on North American Heavy-Duty Truck Market

Oetiker is brining its line of heavy-duty truck clamping solutions to North America for the first time which includes coolant hose connections, DEF tank/air straps and more.

Oet Na Heavy Duty Clamps Product Image
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Oetiker Inc., announces its heavy-duty truck line of highly engineered clamping and connection solutions is now available for the first time in North America.

Fully supported by Oetiker’s local product development, prototyping and sales teams, the company now offers its OEM and Tier customers the heavy-duty truck industry’s most comprehensive line of reliable connecting solutions, ensuring only the highest performance of these mission-critical vehicle components for powertrain, drivetrain and tank fastening applications.

Currently, Oetiker supports its full heavy-duty product lineup throughout North America, including but not limited to:

Heavy-Duty V-Profile Clamps

  • Up to 25% increased sealing capability compared to conventional V-Profile clamp designs
  • Engineered to suit specific profile geometry for optimum axial load distribution

Heavy-Duty Fuel Tank Straps

  • Custom engineered with materials, coatings and liners carefully chosen to meet strict technical and assembly requirements
  • Solutions offering flexibility, durability and consistent mechanical performance exceeding vehicle design criteria

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank/Air Straps

  • Meets mechanical and finish requirements on after-treatment systems
  • Compatible with polymeric or metallic materials

Coolant Hose Connections

  • Offers application-specific solutions, delivering superior sealing integrity and assembly efficiency
  • With robust, leak-free connections, the Multi-Crimp Ring provides the highest radial load and most uniform compression of any sealing solution

“We are pleased to bring our full engineering and support team comprised of highly expert individuals who bring unique clamping solution experience and insights to North America,” says Patrice Bansa, Marketing Director, Americas, Oetiker. “We are focused on not only bringing peace of mind to the heavy-duty market, but exceptional quality, services and easier-to-assemble solutions.”

Oetiker’s commitment to the heavy-duty market is supported through its 360 Degree Solution Approach with its OEM and Tier suppliers around the world. The company’s capabilities span the spectrum from concept to prototyping and testing through assembly. With unparalleled follow-up maintenance, services and start-up support, Oetiker’s engineers and technical sales support teams advise on connecting solutions that meet the most challenging vehicle specifications.