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Versailles, IN 47042

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Now Elgin Fastener Group combines six manufacturers, an importer and a metal finisher to deliver the right fastener solution for your application.

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1415 S. Benham Rd.
Versailles, IN 47042

Now Elgin Fastener Group combines six manufacturers, an importer and a metal finisher to deliver the right fastener solution for your application. 

Ohio Rod Products, Versailles, Indiana. Manufacturer of small diameter, long length fasteners. Specializing in long length, small diameter headed and threaded fasteners through 96" long and 3/4" diameter. Superior straightness in plated parts. Telephone: 812-689-6565, Fax: 812-689-6635, Email:[email protected]

Leland Powell Fasteners, Martin, Tennessee. Domestic quality manufacturing of small diameter fasteners and industrial machine screws (diameters from 4-40 to 1/2" and lengths to 5"). Includes Lo-Driv® and Grip-Litescrews and other standard, semi-standard and specialty fastener solutions. Telephone: 731-587-3106, Fax: 731-587-9613, Email: [email protected]

Chandler Products, Cleveland, Ohio. Leading manufacturer of cold headed fasteners (diameters from 3/16 to 3/4" and lengths to 9"), tight tolerances and multiple secondary operations for precision components used in heavy-duty diesel engines, transmissions and other demanding fastener applications. Telephone: 216-481-4400, Fax: 216-481-4427, Email: [email protected]

Elgin Fasteners International (EFI) EFI provides extensive fastener engineering, offshore purchasing and quality capabilities. EFI is staffed by sales engineers and import professionals with considerable background in industrial fasteners. Telephone: 812-689-6565, Fax: 812-689-6636, Email:[email protected]

Best Metal Finishing, Inc. Osgood, Indiana. Specializes in electro deposited zinc and zinc phosphate coatings for fastener manufacturing, stamping, fabrication and metal forming industries. Telephone: 812-689-9950, E-mail: [email protected]

Silo Fasteners, Versailles, Indiana. Leading manufacturer of lug bolts, form pins and round head fin neck bolts for the highway construction, concrete form construction and general distribution markets. Telephone: 812-689-8905, Fax: 812-689-6635, Email: [email protected]

Landreth Fastener Martin, Tennessee. Leading manufacturer of cold headed solid, semi-tubular and brake rivets, with ISO certified quality systems and a focus on customer service. Telephone: 731-587-3106, Fax: 731-587-9613, E-mail: [email protected]

Quality Bolt & Screw Brecksville, Ohio. Manufacturer of custom engineered cold headed/cold
formed bolts, pins, studs, chain, military & other custom fasteners. Telephone: 440-717-7650, Fax: 440- 717-7665, E-mail:[email protected]

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